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Tweets on 2011-04-10

  • has a full day. 10-12: zBoys Super Saturday, 12: Zander soccer game, 1-5: Zander&me family retreat & 5:30 mass. *deep breath* #
  • stepped foot in the UCCS Engineering building for the 1st time since I graduated for Zevan's Super Saturday class. Whoa. #
  • would like to borrow a scanner that scans 35mm negatives – or come over & use one. Anyone local? #
  • is finished with obligations. Eating take out at home while we watch Monsters vs Aliens for family movie night. #
  • is so over this aggravating post-nasal-drip-induced coughing. This is ridiculous. I have NO other symptoms. ARGH! #

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Tweets on 2011-04-09

  • was hoping I could "cure" my erector spinae strain so I could do the #CrossFit Games WOD, but need to admit I need give it more time. *sigh* #
  • is at Phantom Canyon for dinner with my guys. #

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Tweets on 2011-04-08

  • can see a glimmer of light at the end of this self-imposed, proverbial tunnel. Thanks, Dr. Daugherty! #
  • just finished an acupuncture/NAET treatment. Also today saw a Western doc #

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Tweets on 2011-04-07


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Tweets on 2011-04-06

  • is sick. Damnitall. I hate being sick. 2nd day of missing #CrossFit This sucks. :( #
  • would like recommendations for an ENT doc in Colorado Springs/Pueblo, please. Thanks! (Ear Nose & Throat) #
  • is researching summer day camps, and would love to know what my kids' friends are doing this summer. Science Matters, Downtown Y, Zoo? #

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Tweets on 2011-04-05

  • @Cudlitz Good morning back atcha! Hope your week is FABULOUS! #
  • is getting my ass kicked by allergies today. I'm drugged up w/Allegra & Omnaris. For my tweaked back, Ibuprofen & Biofreeze. Dude. I'm OLD. #
  • @lizmclain LOL I'm the same way with Breakfast Club, Lost Boys and Young Guns. Oh and Labyrinth & Princess Bride. #
  • had a lovely lunch with 2 lovely coworkers at Papa Jose's. It's a good way to start off the week. #

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Tweets on 2011-04-04

  • is trying not to overthink the #CrossFit Games WOD today – 15min AMRAP 9 deadlifts/12 pushups/15 box jumps – 11am at #
  • is singing/rapping along with @m_shinoda parts of @linkinpark songs to center me for the #CrossFit Games WOD. So anxious I showed up early! #
  • redeemed myself after last week's double-under FAIL by completing 6 full rounds of the #CrossFit Games WOD 2. #
  • curses this weather change. My allergies kicked into high gear, and I didn't get to ride today. #
  • is not going to be happy if this allergy attack turns into something else. I despise being sick. :( #

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