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First blog posts and breakfast conversations


My boys have made their first blog posts!

Check it out: and

I’m so proud. :touched:

Overheard at breakfast this morning.

Zander: If I become President of the United States when I grow up…

:long pause:

I’m going to make a new holiday – called Happy New Month.

It will be the 1st of March.

No, wait. What’s the 6th month?

Dad: June.

Zander: It will be the first of June. There are no holidays in June.

Tweets on 2009-04-30

  • is at Target instead of riding my bike. No motivation. #
  • got a message about parents being able to visit the new school – Sat 10 – 11:30 AM. Great. Like my weekend wasn’t busy enough. #
  • is thrilled Doug came home and went for a short 4.5 mile ride with me on the Mesa. Yay, honig! #

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Fun with WordPress themes


So, as I look into creating website for the ZBoys – at their request , I started perusing some WordPress Themes.

My favorite site for WordPress themes by far is WP Zoom. Particularly the theme sets, like 50+ Free Themes for Personal Blogs and Best Free WordPress Themes in 2008.

Right now, for this site, I’m playing with the Notepad Chaos theme – it’s one I’ve been eyeing for a while, and will likely be the one that I use as a starting point to modify and come up with a custom version of it for myself.

I’ve set up the websites for the boys – and used some related themes and added a few custom touches so far.

For Zander’s site – I’m using the WordPress Fun theme. As you can see, I changed the logo and the color of the boy’s hair. I removed the featured area and replaced it with his links and categories. Of course, that will change again

For Zevan’s site, I’m using Desk Space which has the same cartoon guy. I’ve customized the header with his name and photos and note from mom and dad :)

These will be a work in progress. The boys haven’t even seen these pages yet, and I’m sure they will have strong opinions about their sites.

Tweets on 2009-04-29

  • hates Windows servers 4 web hosting, especially on GoDaddy. Why can’t I just change 1 simple file’s permissions? I give up! #
  • gives up. If I can’t convince a client to host on a Linux box, I’m out. Too much hassle. Can you tell I’m FRUSTRATED?! #
  • is out of here! Going to pick up the ZBoys and hang out with them for a while. :) #
  • at the climbing gym – bouldering on my own again… #
  • is heading over to Shuga’s to meet the girls that don’t climb :) One blushing Geisha, please. #
  • is home getting ready to watch Fringe :) #

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Tweets on 2009-04-28

  • just swam 1000 yards in 24 minutes. Not too shabby. #
  • can’t get focused. Must close Facebook tab…Farewell… #
  • is looking for a volunteer to dress up as Spider-Man for the kids on free comic book day on May 2-we provide costume. #
  • is tired. Time to go leave web development world and go to TV land – 24 and Castle! #

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Tweets on 2009-04-27

  • and the ZBoys made strawberry pancakes for breakfast this morning. mmm mmm good. #
  • Is using Vlingo #
  • *Walked* in the Garden of the Gods with May #

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Zander lost his first tooth!


So, yesterday, the boys had off from school and since the weather was gorgeous and my sister hooked us up with 2 free guest passes, we went to the Denver Zoo. In all our years together in Colorado, Doug and I had never been there together. Isn’t that weird?

At lunch, we were talking about Zander’s loose tooth. We noted that when he pushed on it with his tongue, it would lay completely flat on his gum. Eww.

It was a perfect day, sunny with a light occasional breeze. We saw lots of animals, and visited Tropical Discovery – which we missed the last time we went because of the Free Zoo Day crowds.

The boys bought some new “pets” with their own money at the gift shop on the way out. Zander got a sea lion, and Zevan bought a big hedgehog. It’s so cute to see them at the check out counter.

About halfway home, Zander declared, “I got my tooth out!” There was much excitement. And blood. He handed it to his dad. Doug grabbed some gauze from the first aid kit and Zander put it in his mouth to staunch the bleeding.

He was very excited about the prospect of the tooth fairy. When we got home, we put his tooth in a plastic ziplock bag, and he immediately put it under his pillow and announced he would take a nap.

I told him that the tooth fairy only came at night. He found this fact disappointing, but acceptable.

Last night, I went to bed earlier than usual to read and go to sleep. I had just finished a chapter, turned out the light and laid down, when I remember about the tooth.

So, I got up and grabbed a dollar, replaced the tooth in the bag with it, and went to sleep.

When Doug came to bed later, he woke me to ask if I remembered about the tooth. Seems it was on both of our minds not to disappoint Zander.

Zander woke up early and immediately looked under the pillow. He was disappointed at first, “Darn, no money!” when he saw the plastic bag was still there. Then he looked inside the bag and got excited again.

His permanent tooth is already poking out of the gum and looks much larger than the baby tooth. He also has another loose tooth right next to the one he just lost.

What a weird process. Nature is funny.

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