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Week 1 of my first challenge


If only I had my transmitter for the race – I would have been in the lead.

But over the 25 mile per week limit I set for the challenge…

Week 1 of my first challenge - #3!

Time management? Quality time?


I’m struggling with this and I am fortunate to have a lot of support. I have the time, but not the discipline.

Zander goes to preschool M-F from 8:00 – 10:50 AM. On Tuesday/Thursday mornings, I go for a run and my dad watches Zevan. The other mornings, it’s just the 2 of us.

After school on Mondays/Wednesdays, we pick up Zander and have lunch at Grandma & Grandpa’s (Doug’s parents).

On Mondays, I have time to work from about 1 – 2:30 PM. I work at the comic store from 3- 6 PM.

On Tuesdays, I have Vikki from 11- 2:30 PM. And the boys sometimes nap for about an hour after she leaves. Mostly Zevan.

On Wednesdays, I have time to work from about 1 – 4 PM.

On Thursdays, we have playdate :D And the boys sometimes nap afterwards. Mostly Zevan. And sometimes me.

On Fridays, I have Vikki from 11- 2:30 PM. And the boys sometimes nap for about an hour after she leaves. Mostly Zevan.

To be honest, a lot of my work gets done late in the evenings, after the kids go to bed and after Doug and I have our TV/chat time.

With housework, errands and dr appts looming, I have trouble working in my allotted time slots. Then I try and squeeze it in while the boys are home, and when they interrupt me I get really annoyed.

Then I feel guilty about not spending quality time with them. But when I do, in the back of my mind, I’m thinking about work I need to do.

Sigh. What’s a mom to do? :dunno:

Unofficial half marathon run in December


May and I are trying to keep each other motivated. After climbing tonight, we discussed our motivation, or lack thereof, and also talked about possible races.

We decided against the winter series. She didn’t think she’d be able to go to all 4 and we both agreed that racing every other week is particularly stressful.

So, we have agreed to run 13.2 miles together by Dec 8.

Yikes! :uh:

So far my longest distance has only been 10 miles. And that hasn’t been easy. :bummer:

RANDOM RANT: Toys for Tots rejects Jesus doll


I’m amused by this story.   It totally reminds me of my dashboard Buddy Christ (seen Dogma?)

Toys for Tots rejects Jesus doll  (Full Story)
Tue Nov 14, 1:48 PM ET

LOS ANGELES – A talking Jesus doll has been turned down by the Marine Reserves’ Toys for Tots program.

A suburban Los Angeles company offered to donate 4,000 of the foot-tall dolls, which quote Bible verses, for distribution to needy children this holiday season. The battery-powered Jesus is one of several dolls manufactured by one2believe, a division of the Valencia-based Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Co., based on Biblical figures.

But the charity balked because of the dolls’ religious nature.

Toys are donated to kids based on financial need and “we don’t know anything about their background, their religious affiliations,” said Bill Grein, vice president of Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, in Quantico, Va.

As a government entity, Marines “don’t profess one religion over another,” Grein said Tuesday. “We can’t take a chance on sending a talking Jesus doll to a Jewish family or a Muslim family.”

I thought that most Jewish or Muslim families wouldn’t celebrate Christmas.  Or does Toys for Tots provide for Hannukah as well?

I do agree with their stance.  Santa has nothing to do with Christianity  – and there are many non-religious families that celebrate the gift giving tradition. 

Even if you are religious, I think it’s a rare kid that is going to embrace a talking Jesus doll that says things like “I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again”   Seriously?!

He couldn’t just say, “I love you.”  “You are blessed.”  “Hug your mom.”

Anyway, I just thought I’d share.  I have a big smirk on my face from reading this article.  I hope the topic shows up on the Daily Show.   eyebrow3

Rejected Jesus Doll

Dashboard Buddy Christ

There are a lot of people out there who celebrate a secular Christmas (Santa, family, gifts, tree) that has NOTHING to do with Jesus Christ. 

I love Christmas.  I love the clay animation shows, decorating the tree, the Christmas music…all that stuff.   The story of Christ’s birth is just that to me, a really cool story, like a legend told of old. 

Remember Christianity basically stole the holiday from the Pagans.  Christmas was originally Winter Solstice and Christians decided to make it Jesus’s birthday to help with their conversion rate. The date is completely arbitrary.

So I can see someone who celebrates a more traditionally secular Christmas as being offended by a Jesus doll.  Especially one that is not really made for kids and warns them if they are not Christians (“I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again”).  You’d definitely get a raised eyebrow from me if you tried to give my kid one.  I’d tell the boys, “This is bad guy Jesus. The *real* Jesus loves unconditionally.”  rofl  The funny thing is, this is something MY parents would buy my kids.  giggle 

I think that the Marines were right in refusing the doll.  I just think they should have used more sound reasoning to do it.  Grin

Monday, Monday… so tired…


I’m here at the comic store and I’m tired. :tired: Mostly from the aches and pains from yesterday’s race.

Last night Zevan woke up around 1 AM and was wandering around the house, “Mama? Mama? Where are you, mama?”

Then Zander wet the bed this morning at 6:30 AM. Lovely.

After I took him to school, Zevan and I went grocery shopping. And found out that we can’t get discounts at the fuel pump anymore (stupid oil companies).

My mom made me breakfast and I ate at their place. That was very nice. I picked up Zander and we went over to Grandma & Grandpa’s house.

I had a small cat nap (well, I just rested deeply on the couch but never actually fell asleep) while the boys ate lunch. I started to get up because Zander was messing with me and throwing little dinosaurs at me, and then he threw the little dinosaur bucket and it hit me square on the mouth! YOWCH!

I was LIVID :wife: , but had to restrain myself since we were at the grandparents. A big, ” DOGGONE IT ZANDER! GO UPSTAIRS RIGHT NOW. You are not supposed to throw your toys ever.” If we were home, that would have come out much differently, I think.

I left and shopped at Target for a new Nike+ iPod kit and a few other items. I got a nice green work out top on clearance, too. Retail therapy… :cloud9:

Well, that fall I took during the race on Sunday affected me more than I realized. My back was really hurting. I went to see Dr. Audrey to fix me up. When I laid on the table, it was quite apparent that my right leg was totally turned out to the side, and when I tried to straighten it, I got sharp pains in the small of my back. YOWCH again.

After I left her office, I felt ready to do my long run tomorrow. I love NSA. It’s amazing how my body has learned to heal itself.

Things are looking up! I get to eat Yakitori for dinner and watch HEROES tonight!

And the results are in… 2006 fall series


Today’s results:

Overall Div    Name          Age    City                  Time
74/104  20/25  Maida Scott   37     Colo Springs     CO   1:36:10

My final results in all 4 races of the series:

Overall Div     Name         Age    MVP       BCP       UVP      PP        Total 
57/74   13/17   Maida Scott  37     0:48:25   0:57:48   1:12:35  1:36:10   4:34:58

I finished the series! Wahoo! :yay:

May and I are looking at the winter series next… Those are going to be some COLD runs, I’m sure.

I’ll have to see how things go during the next two months to say for sure. Right now I’m just glad to be done with this one!

Jan 13th 5K/10K Fox Run Regional Park
Jan 27th 4M/8M El Pomar Youth Sports Park
Feb 10th 5M/10M Santa Fe Trail @ Baptist Road
Feb 24th 10K/20K Black Forest

Last race of the fall series – not a pretty finish…


Well, this is embarrassing. Half an hour before I need to leave for the race, I grab my stuff to go and realize that my transmitter is missing. I turn the house, car and purse inside out. No luck! I was cursing and in tears from frustration. First day of my own challenge and I can’t record my race! ARGH! :aargh:

I missed the race start because I spent so much time looking for it. This would have been a good time for me to just give up and not run the race at all, but I really wanted to finish the series. So, I grabbed my number and started at the very back of the pack and worked my way through.

It was by far the most technical race I have EVER run. More like extreme hiking!

I took a big fall about halfway through, tripped over a root, and hit the ground hard. I got right back up and figured that I’d stop if something broke (just kidding).

I kept pace with a great pack of gals from then until the last water stand. One of them handed me a pack of Sport Jelly Bellies to get me through a particularly bad uphill. I caught up to another pack and found a woman with a great pace – just a little faster than I really wanted to go. On an uphill, she caught her ankle sharply and had to slow down. After I was sure she was okay, I passed her and caught up to a guy wearing an Ascent t-shirt. Now there’s an accomplishment! I was following him for a while, and he hit a root and went down. I helped him up and moved on. At the very end of the race, I caught up to a group of 3 gals. I had trouble catching up with them. The girl in the back passed the other two, and I was able to pass them when we hit solid ground, just 100 yards before the end of the race.

I finished in 1:36:10 or so…

But it didn’t record on the iPod :bummer:

Oh well, I’ll have to make up for it during the next 30 days. Maybe add a half mile to every work out…

I’m going to go and buy a new Nike+ iPod kit today! Lucky for me they are only $29.99 (plus tax).

The course was supposed to be 6.5 miles, but I heard a guy say his GPS said it was 7.5 miles. If only I had found my transmitter, I could have had a better idea! Oh well.

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