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Near disaster!


Here’s a little story for ya… Yesterday, I stayed home with Zevan in the morning, so I wasn’t able to go for a run until Vikki was here. And I procrastinated, and didn’t go for a run until 1:30 PM. I figured I would run for 1 1/2 hours and come back home. So, I finish my run (7.75 miles) and get to the car.

11/28/2006 run

I check my pockets and… no key! Well, technically, it was the remote lock thingie. Okay, so it’s 3 PM and I’m freezing with no cell phone and no key. I nearly cry at the thought of it. I run for a mile back up the trail, asking everyone if they’ve seen my key. A cyclist tells me that he saw nothing on the trail, and he came on the trail at Fillmore. Crap. :bummer: That’s 2 more miles up the trail. And if I find my key, I have to come all the way back. Did I mention that its freezing by now?!

I nearly cry again, and run a little farther. I see Penrose Hospital nearby. My mom is working! She can help me. So, I run to the hospital. There is a courtesy phone in the lobby, but I don’t know her work number or floor and the information desk clerk is SO unhelpful. So, I call Vikki and tell her I’m going to be late. Then I call my dad. My dad picks me up. And we decide to try to find the key. So, I ask him to drive me to Gossage Park, which is where I turned around. Less than 1/2 mile from my turnaround point, I find it. A little black rectangle in the middle of a black asphalt trail. Can you imagine? So, my dad drives me back to the Monument Valley parking lot to get my van so I can go home.

The key incidental run

I really need to buy a zippered pouch to wear while running. So I can bring my keys AND my phone.

I actually had every intention of getting one today along with a new pair of running shoes. But I didn’t get my coupon in time to go before the boys got home. So… tomorrow!

Respect the distance…


I am learning about respecting the distance. I had to cut my long run short on Tuesday to attend Feast Day at Zander’s school.

So I ran 7 miles instead of the 11 miles I planned to run.

20061121 workout

On Thanksgiving morning, I decided to give the 11 miles another shot – to get the distance and to pre-burn calories before the big meal.

20061123 workout

Today, I tried to run just a short 3 miles and couldn’t finish. My shins cramped up and my lungs protested. I only ran 2.3 miles.

20061125 workout

Lesson learned: Don’t run 2 long runs in the same week. Especially not one after the other!

I’ve been really slack on doing my stretches after running. I really need to do at least the basic stretches for my plantar and psoas.

And I just looked back through my posts to see when I last got new running shoes. August 24th. About the same time I got the Nike+ iPod. So, I’ve logged 191.97 miles with the shoes on the iPod, and I’m guessing at least another 50+ miles over the last 3 months where I forgot my sensor/transmitter or my iPod was in the shop. Plus extra mileage where I had the shoes on before and after my runs to drop off/pick Zander/Zevan, etc.

That’s a little under the prescribed 300 miles for changing shoes, but I know I need new shoes. My shins are the first to notice.

White boards + Permanent marker?


Yahoo! Nearly a year later from the lipstick incident and I found a really great cleaning tip again.

Zander wrote on his white board with permanent marker a couple of months ago. I told him it was ruined and he wouldn’t be able to use it anymore. And then I hung onto it for some odd reason. :dunno:

So today, I did a quick Google :google: for ‘remove permanent marker white board’ and found the answer! If you trace over the permanent marker with a dry erase marker, it comes off with the dry erase!


Further more, you can also use acetate (nail polish remover) to get off the rest of the residue.

Nice! :thumbsup:

Stretches for running


These are various exercises and stretches I should be doing. Maybe if I put them here, I’ll do them more often?

Building a Strong Psoas by Jim and Phil Wharton
Psoas Stretch by Mark Weiss
Psoas Stretch:
Grasp your left foot with your left hand. Lift your leg up so your thigh is parallel to the ground. Hold for two seconds and release. Repeat 10 times on each side.

Mayo Clinic Plantar fasciitis Self Care
Plantar Stretches from
Plantar Fascia Stretches from

From Flexibility: Loosen Up

Work each muscle by contracting the muscle that
is its opposite. This relaxes the isolated muscle so it can lengthen. Do the
exercise gently and quickly, holding the position for no more than two seconds.
Repeat 10 times.

Our program only takes 15 minutes and should be done before and after a run.
Start by evaluating your current ranges of motion. Do the routine and record
your "before" score for each move. After 21 days, retest yourself and note the

[1] Double-Leg pelvic tilt
Works: lower back and buttocks Contract: abdominals and
muscles in the front of the hips and thighs How: Lie down on your
back with both knees bent. Place your hands behind your knees. Lift your
legs toward your chest. Gently assist with your hands; don’t pull.
[2] Straight-Leg hamstring

Works: back of thighs Contract: front of thighs How:
Lie with your nonexercising knee bent and your other leg straight. Place
your foot into the loop of a stretching rope. Lift your leg as far as you
can. Grasp the ends of the rope with both hands and climb up it, hand over
hand, as your leg lifts.
[3] Hip Adductors
Works: inner thighs Contract: outer thighs, buttocks How:
Place one foot inside the loop of a rope. Wrap it around the inside of the
ankle. Lock your knee, rotate your leg inward. Extend your leg out to the
side of your body, leading with your heel. Complete one set. Repeat leading
with your toe.
[4] Hip Abductors
Works: outer thighs, hips Contract: inner thighs How:
Place your foot into the loop of a rope. Wrap it around the outside of your
ankle. Rotate the exercising leg outward and the other leg inward slightly.
Lock your knee. Extend your leg across the midline of your body, leading
with your heel.
[5] Quadriceps
Works: front of the thighs Contract: buttocks, back of thighs
How: Lie on your side with your knees against your chest and your
head on the ground. Slide your bottom arm under the thigh of your bottom leg
and place your hand around the outside of your foot. Grasp the shin of your
upper leg with your upper hand. Move your upper leg back as far as you can.
[6] Gluteals
Works: lower back, hips, piriformis, buttocks Contract: abs,
front of thighs How: Lie with one leg straight and the other bent.
Point the toes of your nonexercising leg inward. Lift your bent knee toward
the opposite shoulder. Keep your pelvis on the ground, and use your hands
for a gentle assist.
[7] Hip External Rotators
Works: gluteus maximus, external rotators Contract: gluteus
minimus, internal rotators How: Place your foot in a rope. Wrap the
ends of the rope around the inside of your ankle. Pull the rope under your
leg and grasp it with the hand thats on the same side. Rotate your thigh
inward, pivoting your lower leg outward and leading with your heel.
[8] Hip Internal Rotators
Works: internal rotators Contract: external rotators How:
Place your foot in a rope. Wrap the ends of the rope around the outside of
your ankle. Pull it under your leg and grasp it with the hand on the
opposite side. Pivot the lower part of your leg inward, leading with your
[9] Trunk Extensors
Works: muscles that run from the pelvis to the base of the skull,
lower back Contract: abs How: Sit with your back straight,
knees bent, and toes pointed slightly up. Tuck your chin and contract your
abs to pull your body forward. Grasp the sides of the lower legs to gently
[10] Thoracic-lumbar rotators

Works: muscles throughout back and sides Contract: abs,
obliques, rotators on opposite side How: Sit in a chair with your
back straight. Lock your hands behind your head. Rotate in one direction as
far as you can go. When you’re loosened up:rotate, hold, and flex your trunk
forward, leading toward the ground with your elbow.
[11] Soleus
Works: muscles in the back of lower legs Contract: front of
lower legs How: Sit on the floor with one leg straight and one leg
bent. Grasp the bottom of your foot with both hands. Keeping your heel on
the floor, raise the foot and bring it toward your body. If you cant reach
your foot, use a rope.
[12] Achilles Tendon
Works: the cord that attaches your heel to your lower leg
front of the lower legs How: Sit on the floor with one
leg straight and one leg bent and your heel close to your buttocks. Grasp
the bottom of your foot with both hands. Raise the foot up, keeping your
heel on the floor.
[13] Gastrocnemius
Works: calf muscles Contract: muscles in the front of the
lower legs How: Sit on the floor with both legs straight. Loop the
rope around one foot and grasp the ends of the rope with both hands. Flex
your foot, aiming your toes toward your knee while keeping your knee locked.
[14] Pectoralis Major
Works: chest, shoulders Contract: backs of shoulders How:
There are three stages. First: Arms below the belt. Second: Arms shoulder
level. Third: Arms above shoulders. Straighten your arms, palms forward. Put
your palms together in front of you and then swing both arms behind you.
Start with the first position and progress up with each swing.
[15] Rhomboid/Rotator Cuff
Works: external shoulder rotators and rhomboid major and minor
muscles in the shoulder How: Stand with feet slightly
apart and arms at your sides. Lift one arm, with the elbow locked, and raise
it across your chest toward the opposite side. Use the other hand to give a
gentle assist. Keep your torso still and don’t hike up your shoulder.


Training for 13.2 miles

Wk Date Sun Mon Tues Weds Thurs Fri Sat Total
1 11/19 Easy Run
Dist: 3mi
/ XT
Long Run
Dist: 10mi
/ XT
Easy Run
Dist: 4mi
/ XT
Tempo Run
Dist: 5mi, inc
Warm; 3mi@10:02; Cool
22 miles
2 11/26 Easy Run
Dist: 4mi
/ XT
Long Run
Dist: 9mi
/ XT
Easy Run
Dist: 4mi
/ XT
Dist: 5mi, inc
Warm; 2×1600@9:29
w/800 jogs; Cool
22 miles
2 12/3 Easy Run
Dist: 3mi
Easy Run
Dist: 3mi
Tempo Run
Dist: 5mi, inc
Warm; 3mi@10:02; Cool
/ XT
/ XT
Half Marathon
Dist: 13.2mi
/ XT
23.2 miles

Four times a week?


According to, I should be running 4 times a week.

So, I’m going to give it a try, but my 4th run is going to be a SHORT one.

20061119 Run

I’ve been running my old pre-iPod route on Mesa Road. The uphill incline is more noticeable to me now. I’m definitely slower on the way out and much faster on the way back.

I used my new fastest 5k time to determine my workout pace. Now it’s 11:41 for my long and easy runs instead of 12:13.

I’m still running too fast, but I’m not good at slowing myself down. I need to work on that because I KNOW I need to run slower for these recovery runs if I’m going to improve my VO2 at all.

I need to post a new training regimen and stick to it. After I run the 13.2 miles with May.

The week in running… 11/14 – 11/18


Okay, since the race on Sunday, I’ve been a bit out of whack in the hip – I think it might be my psoas again. I have been slacking on the stretching lately. :tsktsk:

I’ve done 20 miles since then. With my new Nike+ iPod kit. Can you believe I *still* can’t find that dang transmitter??? Usually once you buy a new something, you find the old something.

So Tuesday I ran 10 miles, either, or I was feeling energetic the calibration must have been off a bit, or both, because I don’t normally run a 10:56 pace for my long runs.

11/14/2006 Run

Thursday I did a half mile calibration run, and I seemed to be right on target already. :dunno:

Thursday and Saturday I ran 5 miles, and averaged 11:07 pace for both. And I felt really slow. Much slower than usual, although, I did hit my usual average pace, so who knows?

11/16/2006 Run

11/18/2006 Run

I definitely prefer cool or even cold weather for running. It was warm and sunny today – it must have been at least 60 when I ran at 11 AM. I should have run earlier!

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