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Zander needs surgery :(

So, I've been sitting on this news for a while, we found out before Christmas that Zander has two undescended testicles and it is going to require surgery (orchiopexy) to fix it.

I am having a VERY hard time with this  bummer, and I still can't talk about it without getting weepy and teary.   sob  Just the idea that Zander is going to under general anesthia and then have surgery is very difficult for me to deal with.

In today's medical terms, he should have had this surgery done around age one, and most are done by the age of two.  In the past, parents waited until the child was as old as 5-6 years old.  Zander turned 3 in October.  They want us to have the surgery in the next month or so.    afraid


I know its a very common procedure.  I *think* what I'm most worried about is general anesthesia, since I've never been under myself.

So there is a tiny chance that just putting him under will cause the testicles to descend on their own.  We could all pray for that, I guess. pray

I just need a little moral support, I guess.  I'm worried.  It's my special little guy…   uh

I’m baaaaack…


And I just finished importing all my blog entries from my personal blog to this one. Since it has been over two months since I have written ANYTHING in either blog, I thought it might be best to combine them into one blog.

It’s 2 AM, and I am way too tired to write anything else.

Check out our family website to get the latest family news and see pictures from our adventures like Christmas Day as well as other other holiday events

Oh, and just as I am finally going to bed, the monster stirs…I hear Zevan crying now.

Thank you and good night!

Best birthday ever!


The day started out not so great…hungover, Zander threw up on me, Zevan has diarrhea, washed/dried the clothes with a lipstick tube…

We cancelled our dinner plans because the boys were sick.


So Doug makes me this fabulous Indian dinner – chicken curry, dahl, pakoras…mmm mmm mmm  eat

Afterwards, he has two slices of desserts from Marigolds with a candle lit on the table. 

Zander sings Happy Birthday To You to me – the whole song!  Then tells me, "I love you Mama"

Zevan – for the first time EVER – says "I love you, Mama"

 sob   Grin   yippee   jumphug

::start mushfest::

Best birthday ever.  I am getting choked up again just writing about it.

I *love* these guys.   family4   I'm the luckiest girl in the world!     bliss

:: end mushfest ::

To top it all off, I got a gift certificate for a hair cut and a facial.  Yes!  highfive

Lipstick in the laundry – and why I love the Internet


So…I did laundry today, a full load including smokey clothes from last night and clothes Zander threw up on this morning (that's not fun to deal with hungover, let me tell you).

I pulled the clothes out of the dryer and out falls the top of a lipstick tube    noway

The top of the lipstick   doh that I left in my pants last night  bummer (which I didn't even use,  thatsnotright I might add).   

Every single article of clothing has my Avon shimmery, transfer-resistant sunset rose lipstick on it.   sob

I was going to eat lunch and watch some TV while I folded clothes.  So I left the clothes on the floor and told myself I would deal with it AFTER I eat.  Chili with lots of cheese and sour cream – I need comfort food.  eat

After lunch, I googled "lipstick laundry" and found a plethora of helpful hints.  think  I combined two methods…

Use non-ultra Dawn in hot water as a solvent.   This makes sense to me, since this a common method for stripping cloth diapers.

Use aerosol hairspray as a pre-treatment solvent. Tried and true for ink pen stains, why not lipstick?

So the load is in there now, and after 10 minutes of washing, I check to see if its working. 




It is!   bliss 

It's working best on cotton items, not as good on others, but it does seem to be working.   thumbsup  If I have just a few articles that still have lipstick on them after this, that's WAY better than an entire load.  Crisis averted!  Yippee!   yay

Mom’s Night Out!


Ow…   bummer  my head hurts…where is the hungover smiley?

I can't speak for everyone but I had a FABULOUS time on our first West Side Moms Moms Night Out

Due to an oversight on my part,  uh we were informed that they probably would not be able to seat us all for dinner together.  The hostess was quite harried.  I didn't count on the Elbo room being closed and somehow forgot this was not only a Friday night, but a holiday Friday night.  So, we sat around, and headed to Jack Quinn's which – 30 minutes earlier – had no wait for tables.  They said they could seat 4 of us immediately, and the rest could wait for another table to open up, probably not near the original table.

*I* had this craving for sliders from The Ritz, so 8 (Megan, Jen, Lisa, Birgit, Dani, Amber, Johanna, Jamie)  stayed at Jack Quinn's and 4 of us (Tiffany, Michelle, Candy and I) went back to The Ritz.  We told the hostess there were only four of us now, and she told us, I can now seat all of you.  So I called over to Jack Quinn's to find out they could also seat all of us.  We each stayed at our respective restaurants with plans to meet up after dinner. 

I had my sliders (little cheeseburgers served with au jus)  eat and artichoke dip.  We had a round of cocktails after dinner,  beer  then headed out to meet with the other ladies.

Perfect timing…they were coming to meet us.  After a very quick bit of chatting – it was VERY cold – we decided to try out Eden, the new nightclub next to the post office. 

Well, I got there, and realized I must have left my ID at The Ritz. So, I ran back there, found it UNDER the table in the booth where we had dinner, and ran back.  Needless to say, I lost my buzz from that first martini.  A 2nd one should fix that!

Eden was – dare I say?  off the hook  It was like we were transported out of Colorado Springs into a big city bar.  jumpers  A round of drinks there, soaking in the culture, eyeing the VIP lounge, scantily clad wait staff and dancers, as well as the international clientele…

Then we were off to The Underground, with the promise of karaoke and 80s music.

History aside: I met my husband at The Underground back in April 1992.   wink2

The Underground gave us a deal on the cover charge – normally $5 per person, they let 10 of us in for $25!  Half price!  First stop, the dance floor – which was empty, but the music was good (it was hip hop, NOT 80s music) and a group of us danced our little hearts out for a while.    banana2 pineapple Then upstairs to the karaoke room! 

After a bit of confusion from the wait staff about what ingredients are in a margarita ?!  We settled in to enjoy our local would-be American Idols – with a distinctive alternative rock/ heavy metal slant.  I sang my rendition of "I Touch Myself" by The DiVinyls.   

 birthday At midnight, I was pleased by the karaoke host getting the crowd to sing "Happy Birthday" to me.  singer lalala  A nice young man, Bill, bought me a shot of Jameson and a bottle of Fat Tire.   Grin

A few songs later and Megan and Jen took the stage for an enthusiastic version of "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor.  Okay, you could only really hear Megan.  She was INSPIRATIONAL!  Dani even jumped in for a little vocal support.  I ended my karaoke night with "I Know What Boys Like" by The Waitresses – fun!  yippee

One more stop, we can't quit now!  Just four left, Michelle, Megan, Jen and I headed towards Rum Bay.  It was nearly closing time and Rum Bay wanted to charge us full cover charge?!  No way.  So, we went over to the V Bar for a last call martini.  drink  Megan's super strong Bananarama and my super chocolately Double Dutch Bus were a fine way to end our first West Side Moms Night Out!  We caught our respective cabs at The Antlers and headed home, drunk and giggly.   wave

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.  Although I think there MAY be pictures…

Yes, definitely again in March.  I'm making this a quarterly event.  Because, damn it, we deserve it!   We actually deserve more, but that's all my wallet and low alcohol tolerance can withstand.